1. How did you get Involved in International Arbitration?

My first experience of international arbitration was in relation to an upstream oil and gas dispute with counterparties in a number of exciting jurisdictions. Since then, I've been involved in international and domestic arbitrations in a number of varied sectors including energy, IT and food and drink.

2. How does International Arbitration help clients?

The primary reasons cited are usually the ease of enforcement when compared to domestic litigation and the confidentiality of the process. I think though that the greater flexibility of the process is a major advantage compared to the one size fits all approach of traditional litigation.

3. Describe your most memorable experience in International Arbitration? 

Achieving a significant win in a long-running arbitration for a Scottish based client against an oligarch funded business. The opposing party was represented by a market-leading US firm and all sensible attempts we and our client made to resolve the dispute outside of the process were rebuffed with a wholly unnecessary degree of arrogance which proved to be ill-founded when the decision was issued.

4. What's your best piece of advice for clients when it comes to International Arbitration?

Stick with it. There will inevitably be bumps along the road, but it's generally bumpy for both sides. I would also say that a lot of arbitrators can be quite inscrutable so even if a hearing doesn't appear to have gone very well, you may yet win!

5. Name your top tip for when doing International Arbitration

Whilst it's not always possible, make sure you do the prep before the process starts. It's always better to be on the front foot and be the party pushing the timetable rather than looking for extensions.