1. How did you get Involved in International Arbitration?

I have been involved in Arbitrations for decades, however the last 4 or 5 years have seen a significant rise in the numbers crossing my desk.

2. What key advantage does International Arbitration offer?

There are two distinct advantages. The first is privacy, proceedings and outcomes are private and even appeals to the courts are usually anonymised. The second, and this is more recent development, is that cross border enforcement can be easier post-Brexit than in litigations.

3. Describe your most memorable experience in International Arbitration? (Whether it be satisfying or challenging)

Recently, it was pursuing payment of significant sum under a contract, where the solicitors on the other side had denied any liability on the part of the client. However, shortly before the hearing they instructed another KC and suddenly they paid up. It was very satisfying because one knew that the KC will have told them we were right.

4. What's your best piece of advice for clients when it comes to International Arbitration?

Get the best team on your side, and that consists of Brodies and Advocacy by Brodies, of course.

5. Name your top tip for when doing International Arbitration

Choice of Arbitrator can be crucial because a bad Arbitrator will result in a long and tortuous process.


Tony Jones KC

Partner & Solicitor Advocate