In the third Cyber Bytes session, we were joined by Quorum Cyber - Federico Charosky, Founder and CEO and Mark Cunningham-Dickie, Head of Incident Response.

This session goes straight to the heart of the matter – you learn that your organisation has just suffered a severe cyber security incident. This has literally just happened, and as you see machines start to be encrypted across the network, you also learn that sensitive data has been stolen and that the threat actors are demanding £25M in ransom, or they disclose the data to the public. The data compromised includes (as far you know) your financial records prior to release to the market, all staff salary, and a customer database with their names, next of kin, financial records and historical transactions.

Using this scenario-based introduction, Quorum Cyber consider:

  • top 3 things to do;
  • top 3 things NOT to do; and
  • what can you do today when you leave this session to be better prepared


Martin Sloan