The Oil and Gas Authority has recently revised its strategy to include consideration of the UK's net zero target, challenging the offshore oil and gas industry to demonstrate progress on carbon capture and storage, energy integration projects and skills development for the long-term energy industry.

The drive to net zero is set to be one of the biggest projects in history and some good progress has been made so far, however the really difficult challenges lie ahead. This will be the story of how we decarbonise fuel production, and this story will transform the oil & gas industry over the next 30 years.

In this session we will discuss:

  • The growth of the global offshore wind sector and the opportunities for oil & gas companies, market drivers, technology trends and supply chain constraints
  • The key differences in the supply chain contracting structures used in oil & gas projects and renewables projects
  • The importance of operators and service companies collaborating with technology companies for the success of the energy transition
  • The use of Government backed contracts for difference (CfDs) in contracting structures for CCS hydrogen projects