As Dementia Awareness Week comes to a close I do hope that you have enjoyed our daily blog posts. As you will have read, our Personal and Family team are very passionate about the issues involved in dementia both from a personal and a professional point of view. The team have been delighted to get involved with various initiatives. These include becoming Dementia Friends and this week we have been havinSusanne and Karen Brodies LLPg some fun by raising money for Alzheimer's Scotland with a "guess the baby" competition. Today we are delighted to be supporting Alzheimer's Scotland by taking a stand at their annual conference at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. It is a great opportunity to meet other professionals in the field and of course those with dementia, their carers, and other individuals all with the common interest of dementia. Our team have been busy talking to everyone and explaining how we can help families during what can be an extremely challenging time. During the week we have read about various situations which effect people on a daily basis. The key from a legal point of view is to make sure that matters are planned for in advance. Everyone should have a will and a power of attorney (possibly including an advance directive if appropriate) in place. These should be kept up to date with changing circumstances. Everyone hopes not to have to deal with difficult circumstances within the family but inevitably these do happen. Having well drafted and up to date documents in place can save family members from a lot of unnecessary hassle and upset. Our team are have the expertise and empathy to advise on all aspects and would be delighted to help you.