Channelling Rachel from Friends when she had an argument with Ross: "death benefits are common, do happen for most people... and they are a big deal".

Through pensions, employment and business ownership people are very likely to have a range of potential death benefits (and sometimes they can interact... with nasty tax consequences for the unwary, but which can be addressed through planning).

They tend to be very valuable.

They tend to be forgotten about.

They tend not to be protected and treated properly... or at all.

They need to be protected and treated properly to do the best for your family and loved ones.

How to protect and treat death benefits properly?

The beginnings of the long answer is set out in some previous blogs etc I have posted links to below.

The short answer is to get in touch to find out about this issue and what you should be doing. It could be one of the most important steps you take to look after your spouse, partner, children and other loved ones. And while an important and hugely valuable thing to do, we can help make the process as smooth and easy as possible.We might even make this as fashionable as "the Rachel"... well, maybe!

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