"It is essential to recognise that planning issues, by their very nature, will often bring differing interests into opposition and disagreement and the resolution of those issues will inevitably disappoint some parties. The planning system cannot satisfy all interests all of the time."

(Scottish Planning Policy, 2010 - superseded by current SPP)

Is this the reality check that's missing from the recent Places, people and planning consultation?

As Nick Wright commented, the references to community empowerment are ambiguous, and the objective should be: "more community influence as part of balanced decision-making, but no community veto".

It's an important point, especially for newly elected councillors dealing with planning issues- better consultation can help to resolve disagreements, but achieving consensus is an aspiration which will often not be possible to achieve. That's why the planning system is thereto make the decisions, which as the previous SPP said "will inevitably disappoint some parties".


Neil Collar