Interesting discussion yesterday at the Westminster Briefing conference in London on CPOs in 2019.

While the law north and south remains largely the same for the moment, incremental reform over recent years in E&W has led to subtle but significant differences on matters such as:

  • the Point Gourde Principle
  • timescales for taking entry to land and
  • advance payments.

And further changes in relation to interest rates (including penal measures) and temporary possession are pending.

But overall the systems are facing the same challenges -

  • the land value capture debate
  • ensuring fairness and transparency are embedded in the process and
  • upskilling and resourcing of acquiring authorities to allow the effective use of the powers that they have.

Good to hear the MHCLG recognising the work being done by the Scottish Government CPO Policy Unit in this area - such as the new CPO Register - being just one example which the English Planning Directorate is keen to adopt.