The UK Government recently published its White Paper on "The Future Relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union", intended to be a blueprint for further Brexit negotiations with Brussels.

While the reception it has received both domestically and in the EU suggests that any final deal will almost certainly be different from the content of the White Paper, the degree of continued harmonisation that is proposed in the paper is probably now the minimum that can be expected from any deal.

It is therefore important to understand what is proposed, and what it will mean for key sectors of the economy and areas of the law.

To assist with this, our market-leading experts have been assessing the White Paper and commenting on the key issues. You can find our analysis at our Brexit Hub, including:

The Brexit White Paper - A Scottish Perspective

If you're wondering what aspects of the White Paper might be of particular interest in Scotland, see here.

The Brexit White Paper and the Movement of People - a new "Framework for mobility"

The UK Government has made it clear that Brexit will mean the end of free movement of people. The White Paper has now proposed a new "framework for mobility" to take its place. For more information click here.

The Brexit White Paper, Intellectual Property and Food & Drink

What does the White Paper have to do with Scotch Whisky, Arbroath Smokies, Stornaway Black Pudding and Orkney Lamb? Find out here.

The Brexit White Paper and the financial services sector

Why are Banks and financial services companies not happy with the White Paper's proposals? For comment on the future of the EEA "passporting regimes" and more, click here.

The Brexit White Paper and personal taxation

How might the end of free movement affect "residence" and "domicile" status and therefore a person's tax status? Click here for more information.

The Brexit White Paper and the Real Estate sector

Although the White Paper does not expressly cover real estate, there are key issues that directly impact the sector. Find out here.

We are adding more updates by the day, so stay tuned to our Brexit Hub.