This Real Estate Academy session has a rural focus – looking at the hot topic of diversification. Many rural businesses successfully run diversification projects and if your clients are in the early stages of planning their own project or are taking stock of their existing projects, this session provided some insight into key legal considerations including:

  • Land rights – what are the different considerations to think about if the land is owner-occupied or tenanted?;
  • Are there any title restrictions or designations to think about?; and
  • How will the project be serviced (access and utilities)?

​We also considered planning considerations:

  • What consents may be required and how might the project be impacted by the draft National Planning Framework (NPF4)?

Finally, we reviewed health and safety aspects:

  • What liability might you have for those coming on to your land?;
  • What is needed by way of risk assessments?; and
  • Is your insurance cover adequate?


Andrew Askew Blain

Legal Director

Emma Dyson