We posed a number of questions to newly promoted land and rural business partner Karren Smith, based in our Dingwall office.

What made you first get into rural law?

The attraction of rural property is the wide variety of the work, from agriculture to renewables, and the clients requiring outcomes and solutions which are important to them on a personal level.

What aspect of working in rural law do you find the most rewarding?

The part of my job that I have always enjoyed the most is my relationship with our clients. I enjoy getting to know them, their families and businesses which is the driver to ensuring delivery of the right advice and outcomes.

How will your role change as Partner?

One focus of my new role is responsibility for our Dingwall office. We are building a team there to deliver Brodies' services to our clients in the Highlands and Islands from people based in the Highlands who understand the context in which our clients live and work. In addition to the knowledge and skills of the team working in Dingwall, those clients will also benefit from access to the full range of legal services and advice that is available across the teams based in our other offices.

What do you think is the main challenge that clients face in a LRB context?

I think the same challenges currently face clients in all sectors – the uncertainties relating to Brexit, the impact of climate change and how their businesses may need to adapt, and all that in the face of coronavirus restrictions. I am pleased that our clients are able access advice in relation to all the different questions that these issues pose from people who know them and their business.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time is spent outdoors. The garden has benefitted immensely from coronavirus restrictions which have meant that I have not been able to get into the hills. I also love sailing and wild swimming although, as I am wont to say, not if it is the former that has led to the latter!


Karren Smith