As the first three months of my traineeship have flown by and I settle into my seat in the corporate team, I believe this is a good time to reflect on how I managed to get here and to share some insight on the initiative that inspired me to pursue a career at Brodies.

PRIME Commitment

Despite beginning my traineeship with Brodies in 2021, my first experience with the firm was in 2015 when I completed the PRIME work experience programme in the firm's Glasgow office.

For those who have not heard of the initiative, the PRIME Commitment is focused on improving social mobility and diversity within the legal profession by providing high school students from less privileged backgrounds with valuable work experience. Brodies is a founding member of the project and continues to offer this work experience and mentoring to PRIME students.

My work experience with Brodies was a five-day programme aimed at providing an insight into a career in commercial law and the legal profession more generally. The week was centred around sessions and workshops focusing on the practice areas of the firm with the opportunity to shadow trainees and visit the Sheriff Court. There were various opportunities to ask questions and seek advice from trainees and newly qualified solicitors on their route into the profession. The programme was diverse with insight sessions held by the firm's business service areas such as People Engagement, Finance, IT and Marketing. This is a particularly important feature as it broadens young students’ understanding of the fundamental structure of a law firm and how it operates as a business.

How does PRIME help?

My experience with PRIME and Brodies was invaluable. It gave me a quality work experience opportunity and exposure to the world of commercial law that previously, I never would have had. It acted as a stepping-stone to the legal profession and I have utilised this throughout my journey so far. Perhaps most importantly, it gave me determination and a realisation that a career in law was attainable.

PRIME at Brodies undoubtedly made a positive, lasting impact on me as a student – here I am, six years later! It became an aspiration of mine to work at the law firm that gave me this fair opportunity and to be part of an environment that continues to help students and encourages diversity in the profession. It goes without saying that Brodies really is a firm that relates to not only my professional goals, but also my personal goals.

A different perspective

In full 180° style, I am now a mentor to a PRIME student who completed the programme with Brodies this year. Having previously been in the same shoes, I jumped at the chance to join the firm's mentoring programme to help navigate others through school and the daunting prospect of career choices.

Beginning university can feel like a minefield, where nearly every other person you meet has a family member or friend in the legal profession (this can leave you feeling behind before you have even started…!). So, I feel incredibly grateful to now be in a position where I can give advice and act as someone's connection to the legal profession.

To find out more about PRIME at Brodies and other early career opportunities, visit the firm's early careers hub page.


Rhea Darroch

Trainee Solicitor