If you're looking for more insight into what Brodies' summer placements are really like, who better to ask than those who completed their own placement this summer? We asked seven of our students about their experiences, from why they chose Brodies, to how to make the most of the placement.


Jack, North Berwick; Harkirit, London; Kate, Edinburgh; Niamh, Aberdeenshire; Rebecca, Glasgow; Emily, Saltcoats; Donald, Dundee.

What inspired you to study law?

Jack: I worked for a year and a half in public affairs in Brussels, and the impact of the laws being made really interested me, especially as I worked for a company that made highly-regulated products.

Rebecca: At school I developed an interest in current affairs, particularly in matters relating to the commercial world and how its success or failure can impact on society. The law plays a central role in this.

Donald: As part of my undergraduate degree in French, Spanish and European Union studies, I had the opportunity to take legal subjects and I really enjoyed them, so I applied to do the Graduate LLB after I graduated.

What encouraged you to apply for a Brodies summer placement?

Kate: The firm has a good reputation and provides many legal services which will allow for more variety on my traineeship.

Niamh: I like the way Brodies engages with communities. I attended a school which was involved in the PRIME initiative, which meant that I could appreciate the commitment of Brodies to encouraging diversity in the legal profession.

Rebecca: When I met people from Brodies at a law fair they were very friendly and approachable. It's important to be able to work in an environment in which you are comfortable to be yourself.

What stands out as your favourite or most rewarding experience?

Jack: The learning breakfasts; they gave me insight into the rest of the firm.

Harkirit: Writing articles for the monthly banking briefing which was circulated to the entire banking team. It was a big responsibility but being recognised by the team for doing it was hugely rewarding.

Niamh: Meeting so many new people, who aided my learning and made me feel welcome.

Emily: The feedback session I had with my mentor and assessor. I had never been given so much detailed feedback on my work, my skills and my areas for improvement before, it was very valuable and I try and apply it every day to my studies.

Donald: Delivering my research project to the team. All of them were genuinely interested and asked lots of questions and I really felt like I was already part of the team.

Name three qualities that make a good lawyer.

Jack: Good listener; willing to question themselves; and seeing the bigger picture, not just what the law is.

Harkirit: Tenacity, commercial awareness, and showing empathy

Kate: Attention to detail, strong communication and commercial awareness.

Emily: Detail-oriented, adaptable and good communication.

Donald: Communication, people skills, resilience.

Top tips for making the most of the experience?

Harkirit: The placement is as much an opportunity for you to learn about the firm as it is for them to learn about you.

Kate: Get to know as many people as you can in the office.

Niamh: Even if you think that a certain area might not be something you thought you would be interested in, you might surprise yourself, so don't write anything off!

Rebecca: Don't be afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly you think they are.

Emily: Everyone is incredibly keen to impart their knowledge and experience, so take advantage of it!

Applications for our 2020 summer placements are open until Monday 6 January at midday.