When considering what to include in your will you will think about what assets you own and providing for your family members and loved ones.

For many people, our pets are part of our family and we want to ensure they are looked after. So how can you provide for your pet in your will?

1. Identify someone to look after your pet

You can identify in your will who you would like to take over caring responsibilities for your pet. The practicalities of this mean that a legacy of this type will be conditional. The individual cannot be forced to take over the care of your pet. It is therefore recommended that you discuss this to ensure that whoever you are leaving the care of your pet to is happy to take on that responsibility.

2. Provide money for the care of the pet

Often when leaving the care of a pet to an individual in your will, this will be accompanied by a sum of money to assist with the responsibility. Usually the payment of this money would be conditional on the individual accepting the responsibility of caring for the pet. This ensures that the person taking over the care of your pet will have sufficient funds to do so.

3. Plan ahead

We would recommend that you discuss the care of your pet following your death with your family members or friends so that they are aware of your wishes. It is also a good idea to discuss this in advance with the person you intend to pass the care of your pet on to. If you do not have someone who you can pass this responsibility on to, many animal charities provide services for the care or rehoming of pets. Detailing this in your will is the best way to ensure your wishes can be followed.

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Fraser Mackay