We have tried over the years to keep you updated on possible reform to Scottish succession law. You can take a read of our blogs on the most recent consultations on the rights of cohabitants and step-children as well as intestacy rules where there is a surviving spouse/civil partner and children..

The Scottish Government's Programme for Government (2019-20) was set out today. On the reform of inheritance law it said the following:-

"A number of our... laws need to be updated to reflect life in modern day Scotland... We have consulted on the laws of succession. We will respond to the results of [the] consultation by spring next year."

Roll on the daffodils

We await the opening of daffodils to see what the response and potential next steps could be on this topic. What happens next could also impact on parts of succession law that Scottish Government has already said it is minded to amend - announcements made in autumn 2018 alongside a (greater) number of areas Scottish Government indicated it was minded not to reform... you can read more about all of that in our November 2018 round-up on succession law reform.

What to do in the meantime while reform is considered?

Invariably, the answer will be make a will. And whatever reform happens, making a will is going to remain the best course of action. Leaving succession and the protection of loved ones to the vagaries of default law and potential reform can lead to disappointment and unexpected (and unwanted) results. The right will is central to enabling you to take control of succession to personal, business and family wealth. Spring into action.