I joined Brodies' corporate and commercial team in Aberdeen as a newly qualified solicitor in September 2022. It was a great decision to move to Brodies and since joining six months ago, I’ve felt very welcome.

I chose to qualify as a corporate lawyer as I was a corporate paralegal for 10 years, so it seemed like a natural progression to become more skilled and knowledgeable in the sector I was familiar with.

There is no typical day which is one of the reasons I like working in corporate. The work can vary enormously and while this is mostly of a transactional nature, I am also involved with start-up programmes and supporting entrepreneurs at the start of their business journeys, which is the type of work I find really enjoyable and rewarding.

There are a number of highlights to share about the NQ experience at Brodies, but if I had to narrow it down:


There are plenty of senior colleagues and experienced partners to offer advice as well as more junior professionals, all have been a great support network. Working with colleagues who are also at an early stage in their careers means they can share their experience in terms of how to approach work, but also in adapting to life as an NQ more generally.


The training that is on offer at Brodies has been invaluable for my learning and development. This has not only helped with my skills as a lawyer but also in helping me to understand the firm’s ambitions, its core values and culture, and other sectors of the firm that play important roles in day-to-day operations.

I have also taken part in Brodies' mentoring programme as a mentee, which is specifically designed for NQs. This has also helped me to adapt to life as an NQ and has given me the opportunity to meet fellow NQs in different practice areas across the firm.

Scope of work

Brodies has a wide client base, so every day presents new and interesting matters to work on. I’ve been involved in and exposed to high value work and transactions, but at a comfortable level that aligns with my ability and experience. This has been a great way of learning from and assisting experienced colleagues, while building confidence and developing my skills as a lawyer.

Being connected

There are different ways to build your own network and you can meet interesting people in everyday places. Depending on where you live and work, there may be networks to join, such as your local Young Lawyers network or one that is related to your specialism. LinkedIn is also great for keeping in touch with individuals in your network and former colleagues, particularly where your fellow trainees have moved on to other firms, as you never know where their careers may lead them.

My advice on how to make the most of the NQ experience is:

  1. Never be reluctant to ask for help – there is no such thing as a daft question!
  2. Attend as many social events as you can to make new connections.
  3. Engage with junior and senior colleagues alike who are always available to help.
  4. Participate in a wide variety of training sessions to expand your knowledge and skills set.