Death is one of the few certainties in life; and we can at least make wills and other legal arrangements to ease the burden on those remaining. But as we live longer, more and more people are not able to deal with all of their financial and or/personal affairs. Arrangements can be made to assist, and we can help with a wide range of measures which can ease some of the problems in this difficult situation.

  • Powers of attorney - having a power of attorney in place protects you against life's uncertainties. Should there come a time when you are unable to make decisions for yourself it may be necessary to have someone act for you. You can appoint this person now - your attorney - to look after your best interests in the future. This can deal with financial or personal matters - or both. Different people can be appointed to do different things. Having a power of attorney in place provides peace of mind for the future.
  • Informal measures - we can advise on what can be done short of the need to take court action and there are a number of procedures available under which those no longer capable of doing everything for themselves can be assisted.
  • Guardianship - this does involve court action, but is the safe and legal method under which someone can act for an incapable adult who has not made other arrangements for possible incapacity. We can help with all that is involved.
  • Trusts - can often be of assistance with incapacity issues, particularly if set up well in advance. Specialist personal injury trusts can be used to manage assets in a secure and financially beneficial environment.

For more information on this area, please contact Alan Barr or Mark Stewart.