We advise many clients on their personal tax position, whether this is planning to reduce the burden of taxation that is imposed on them and their families or simply ensuring that their tax affairs are up-to-date.

Tax planning generally has become a more contentious area in recent years and in some instances has become tarred as 'unacceptable tax avoidance' or 'immoral'. In addition to screeds of anti-avoidance legislation that have been published over the years, tax planning now must also navigate the 'general anti-abuse rule'.

Our continuing investment in the latest accounting software systems means that our highly experienced tax specialists and accountants can meet all of your taxation needs.

Led by a chartered accountant with many years experience in personal taxation issues, our comprehensive tax planning and management service can help you with every requirement - from simple compliance matters, income tax and stamp duty, to the more complex provision of full business accounts.

To speak with one of our experts, contact Alan Barr or Neil Ritchie.