Trusts can play a significant role in tax planning and asset protection. Our team, including some of Scotland's foremost trust practitioners and accredited specialists, can set up and manage all types of trust including:

  • Family Trusts
  • Disabled Person's Trusts
  • Personal Injury Trusts
  • Asset Protection Trusts

We have established trusts for wealthy clients as part of their ongoing succession planning. However, trusts are by no means exclusively for the wealthy client and can serve as an effective means of securing tax and financial advantages in several situations – e.g. to protect the interests of young children or families from second marriages.

Where an adult or child is compensated for severe personal injury, there are many advantages in placing the compensation received in a personal injury trust. This mechanism can help protect means tested benefits and also provide a suitable means of managing the assets for the individual, if he or she in unable to do so.


In a world of increasingly complicated financial products and tax regulations, dealing with the affairs of a deceased relative or acquaintance can be as technically challenging as it is emotionally demanding.

No matter the size of the estate, our highly skilled team of executry practitioners can guide you through the steps required to wind up the estate and ease the burden for your family.

Tax planning opportunities do not end on death and we can advise family members on any advantages that might be gained from entering into a Deed of Variation or using other post-death tax planning techniques.

For more information please contact Alan Barr or Mark Stewart.