At times, businesses require additional legal support. This can arise for a number of reasons; increased demand on in-house personnel, a need for enhanced collaboration on a project, or to fill a gap in a team.

At Brodies, we offer secondments to clients in the public and private sector, providing dedicated support and expertise. A mutually beneficial process, secondments also encourage the alignment of working practices and increase our knowledge and understanding of our clients’ businesses and ambitions.

A secondment can be arranged in the traditional sense, with a dedicated lawyer or lawyers working at our client’s premises, or as a “virtual secondment”, with a dedicated resource based at Brodies, managed by the client.

We also offer a “reverse” secondment, whereby a client can send a member of their in-house legal team to work alongside our lawyers, to gain a fresh perspective or specialist expertise.

Our secondment services are bespoke to each client.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.