The UK has decided to leave the European Union. The question now is: what happens next?
Brodies has been considering and advising clients on the raft of legal, political and commercial issues relating to Brexit, particularly those specific to Scotland. With Scotland’s leading EU and constitutional law team, we are uniquely placed to help clients in the private, public and third sectors understand and address the many questions to which the ‘Leave’ vote gives rise.

Scroll down for commentary on the key issues, including:

  • the process and timetable for leaving the EU;
  • the effect of Brexit on UK and Scots law and regulation;
  • the potential models for a new UK-EU trading relationship;
  • the possible effect of the Brexit vote on the Scottish independence debate; and
  • what Brexit could mean in areas including IP, commercial contracts, data protection, fishing, renewables, financial services and employment law.

We are ready and willing to help you navigate the key issues, assess what Brexit will mean for you and formulate an appropriate strategy. Please do get in touch with one of the contacts below if we can be of any assistance.

For additional guides, downloads and sector-specific analysis, visit our Brexit Advisory Group hub.


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