Rural Business Briefing - Ayr

Tuesday 29 January 2019
18:45 - 20:30
The Cooshed, Ayr, Ayrshire, KA6 6BX


  • Real Estate
  • Personal & Family

We are delighted to invite you to our Brodies Rural Business Briefing, our series of seminars that we are taking across Scotland.

Our briefing will feature content relevant to every stage of the rural business and growth lifecycle – from protecting, managing and reducing threats to your assets, to how to successfully pass your assets on. The briefing is aimed at forward thinking owners and managers of estates, farms and businesses in the rural community with presentations on the pressing issues and the latest updates to keep you informed.

Please find the agenda below.


Land Ownership
Graeme Leith, Managing Associates, Brodies LLP & Lorna McKay, Associate, Brodies LLP

Land Registration
The Scottish Government has given Registers of Scotland until 2024 to map and register all land in Scotland. We will provide an overview of the system and discuss the benefits. We’ll look specifically at boundaries, borrowing for purchase of additional land and diversification projects and ease of title transfers in succession planning.

Right to Buy
We explore the new rights to allow community bodies to purchase land which is abandoned or neglected, even in circumstances where the land owner is unwilling to sell.

Embracing Change and Farming Structures
Graeme Leith, Managing Associates, Brodies LLP & Lorna McKay, Associate, Brodies LLP

We will look at the new ways of doing business and accessing land. We review the types of leases which are available as well as the business models that you may work for you, such as contract and share farming. This topic may be particularly relevant to those farmers who are looking to take a step back from hands-on farming and also those farmers who are looking for ways to expand their business.

Family and Succession Matters
Alan Eccles, Partner, Brodies LLP

We discuss how farmers can succeed at succession planning. We'll cover legal rights, partnership property, divorce, taxation reliefs for agricultural and business property, as well as the essential succession do's and don'ts.

Q&A and Discussion

We’ll be providing all attendees with our “Embracing Change & Succession” briefing notes for you to take home for reference.

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