The power of the attorney - with great power comes great responsibility

Wednesday 26 June 2019
12:30 - 14:00
Brodies LLP, 31-33 Union Grove, Union Grove


  • Personal & Family

Powers of attorney are now routinely put in place by individuals keen to ensure that decisions regarding their property and welfare can be made, in case they become incapable of making those decisions personally at some point in the future. As a consequence there are now many people who act as attorneys. But sometimes they do not act well. 

In this seminar we consider how to avoid difficulties and what to do when attorneys misbehave!

We will also cover:

•           Choice of attorneys
•           The powers given to the attorneys
•           How to be a good attorney – the  five principles and the code of practice
•           What is capacity?
•           How to intervene when an attorney misbehaves?
•           After the death of the grantor of the power of attorney
•           Cross-border issues

Mark Stewart
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