Brodies is delighted to partner with NFU Scotland for their Joint Venture Hub, helping to facilitate collaboration across the rural community for those that are interested in tenancies, share and contract farming. The hub aims to provide a platform for farmers to connect with each other and will provide alternative options that will help the younger generation to enter the sector.

What is share farming?

Share farming is a hot topic in farming circles right now. As a relatively new approach in the Scottish market, much of the discussions are caveated with uncertainty; can it be done - and should it be done?

Share farming is not about land rights, property or quasi-tenancies, but rather two businesses, working side by side. Naturally, it involves two heads in the trough instead of one, but it has the potential to reduce some of the costs involved in running an enterprise. Participating businesses have the opportunity to share specialisms, achieve growth, and in some cases, manage succession more effectively.

Businesses are already recognising the opportunities that a collaborative approach brings; at Brodies we regularly work with clients to put share farming, contract farming and joint venture agreements in place. Our extensive land and rural team is based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dingwall and includes lawyers from farming backgrounds who understand the nuts and bolts of agriculture. They live and breathe the challenges and opportunities of running a farming business and will work with you to achieve your business ambitions.

Brodies is happy to offer a free consultation on joint venture farming to members of NFUS.

To find out more about how share farming might work for your business, get in touch with Clive Phillips, Head of Land and Rural Business, on 01224 392 281 or at