At Brodies we don’t look at wellbeing as a programme because the wellbeing of our colleagues is central to all that we do.

One of our core values is care and it is important that we live by that value. In doing so, we consider the individual needs of our colleagues and make sure we can provide the appropriate amount of support when it’s needed. Some examples include:

Flexible working arrangement

We have a number of colleagues working either a formal or an informal flexible working arrangements. 

Agile working

Offering colleagues the support to work where they need to be.

Emergency authorised absence days

For when things don’t always go according to plan.

Dependent leave days

To look after loved ones at short notice.

Online wellbeing portal

With access to information on social wellbeing, physical, mental and financial health.

Benefits that support wellbeing

Discounted gym membership, fruit deliveries, yoga and pilates classes for colleagues.

Working at Brodies: Enabling Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing strategy that we work within reflects the core values of care that we aspire to deliver within all aspects of the firm.

Emma Newlands, Health and Wellbeing Manager

Menopause at Brodies  

It's important to us that our colleagues understand more about menopause so that each of us can better support those going through it. Menopause can affect everyone – whether you are experiencing it yourself, managing a colleague going through the menopause, or supporting someone close to you. By raising awareness, and by having the conversation, we are supporting our aim to be an inclusive workplace.

Alongside our menopause policy, which our Women's Network helped shape, we have a colleague menopause taskforce which regularly meets to discuss how to improve and build upon the firm's initiatives and guidance.

This taskforce has fed into our line manager training with Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace, which is being rolled out to increase awareness of menopause at work, as well as the delivery of our colleague menopause support programme facilitated by nurse practitioner, Lyndsay Harrison, who runs a menopause specialist clinic in general practice.


We recognise that all of our colleagues are different and will have different needs at different stages in their lives. We want to make sure that we are acknowledging that there are pressures outside of the workplace that will occasionally have an impact at work. Promoting, and delivering a culture in which we care for our colleagues should make it easier to provide the support when it’s needed. 

Kirstie Maclennan, People Engagement Director

Key contacts

Kirstie Maclennan

People Engagement Director

Emma Newlands

Health & Wellbeing Manager