At Brodies, the way we work has given me the opportunity to progress in my career. Our values have prepared me well for the unique situations I encounter every day.

Garry Sturrock, Senior Associate

Morning routine

  • Check emails and start on high priority tasks
  • Meet with team to discuss client and business development matters and provide instructions to trainee on drafting an urgent court action
  • Appear in court for a Child Welfare Hearing, to discuss care arrangements for children
  • Write a blog on a topical issue in family law

Afternoon routine

  • Catch up with a financial advisor as part of business development
  • Consult with a same sex couple who are seeking to adopt a child who has been placed in their care by the local authority
  • Interview a child at school in my capacity as Child Welfare Reporter to seek their views in relation to a court action
  • Review a pre-nuptial agreement 

Evening routine

  • Walk home from work and take my befriendee (through Befriend a Child) out on a trip to the beach and for an ice cream
  • Cook dinner at home and catch up with my family and friends through video call
  • Meet friends at a bar for drinks and karaoke 
  • Get home and prepare suit, shirt and tie for an important court hearing the following day 

Why did you choose to become a Family Lawyer?

First and foremost, I like helping people. Family clients are often at their most vulnerable when they seek advice from a lawyer, and I enjoy being able to support individuals through a difficult time and help them to achieve positive outcomes. 

Which of Brodies' five values resonates with you most and how do you incorporate it into your daily role?

Care - I really care about the law and justice, which is why I chose this career path. I enjoy helping people in difficult situations and achieving outcomes in family cases which promote the best interests of children. 

What three things can you not live without to do your job?

  • My court gown
  • My laptop
  • My supportive team

Apart from the necessary skills and knowledge, what other quality if essential for the role you perform?

Good listening skills, empathy and general 'people skills' are an important part of being a family lawyer. Being honest and realistic when giving advice to clients is also critical in our role. 

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