At Brodies, the way we work motivates me to grow and gives me the courage to step up and take on every challenge that comes my way. 

Shumail Javed, Solicitor

Morning routine

  • Walk to work
  • Check my emails and start working on high priority tasks
  • Attend a team meeting to discuss client matters 
  • Share updates on our renewables Twitter feed

Afternoon routine

  • Work on renewable energy projects for clients
  • Attend a Multicultural colleague network meeting to progress our inclusion agenda
  • Write a blog on renewable developments for the website

Evening routine

  • Boxing training/gym training - a great way to unwind from the day!
  • Dinner and drinks with friends
  • Bake a cake as part of our weekly team meeting baking rota

Why did you choose to become a renewable energy lawyer?

I had trained in two renewables teams across the firm during my traineeship (real estate and projects) and worked on a range of exciting projects throughout. I enjoy the transactional nature of the job, in particular the idea that you are enabling clients' business success. With such a big political focus on climate change and the energy transition, it's a really exciting space to be working in at the moment.

Which of Brodies' five values resonates with you most and how do you incorporate it into your daily role?

Courage - stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking on new challenges is the best way to grow.

    What aspect of your role do you enjoy most, and why?

    The variety. No two projects are the same. I enjoy getting to work on a diverse mix of projects, and in some cases market disruptive, energy technologies (including carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and tidal power). It's also rewarding when you think of the bigger picture impact of the project that you're assisting in, particularly as tackling climate change is becoming a political priority.

    Apart from the necessary skills and knowledge, what other quality is essential for the role you perform? 

    An interest in constantly learning. I'm regularly having to research the science behind the renewable technologies that our clients tell us about (alongside doing the legal part!). Taking interest and obtaining a deeper understanding of the client's project is essential so that we can provide the best legal input and advice.

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