Division Of Assets And Debts

Because there’s more to divorce than splitting up.

Division of Assets and Debts

In Scotland, we have a system of family law which has at its heart a set of principles established in legislation, which seek to ensure equitable financial provision for separating or divorcing couples.

Our divorce lawyers can provide you with expert practical advice about the very best financial outcomes for you and your family, whatever the reasons for divorce.

That advice is always given with the aim of securing cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Our advice is based on the principles that govern our divorce and family law practice:

  • the property you have acquired during your marriage or civil partnership should be shared fairly
  • a fair division of your property will often, but not always, be an equal division
  • consideration will be given to financial disadvantage
  • the investment of funds or property you owned before you married or formed a civil partnership may affect the final division of your assets
  • the investment of funds, property you have inherited or gifts you have received may affect how your assets and debts are divided.

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