Almost everyone is now aware that urgent changes are required to deal with the climate issues affecting our planet. With declarations of a climate emergency from various governments, confirming what scientists and campaigners have been warning us all of for years, it is clear that large scale, global action is required.

Whilst we all have personal responsibility to make climate friendly choices as far as we are able, what will really accelerate the transition to a low (or zero) emissions economy is significant investment in green infrastructure, buildings and businesses.

Banks, other lenders and investors have a key role to play in achieving our climate ambitions. And those in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom have an excellent opportunity to grasp this year to lead the way in championing green finance.

With the United Kingdom, in partnership with Italy, hosting the United Nations' climate change conference (COP 26) in Glasgow in November, there is a ready-made platform for these parties to showcase their current work and future strategies in relation to green finance.

2020 has already kickstarted a green finance focus with Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon and London's Lord Mayor William Russell leading a roundtable in Edinburgh on the topic, bringing together major banks and investors to discuss practical issues in relation to the delivery of green finance, and how to attract green investment to Scotland.

With the backdrop of these conversations and plans, we've launched Brodies green finance handy guide. This is designed to be an introduction to key issues affecting green finance and to provide a glossary of some important green finance related terms. We hope you find it useful.