As those of you who follow these blogs will be well aware, we have written about a number of UK Government consultations in respect of the secondary legislation which will be required to bring the full weight of the Building Safety Act into force.

Many of the key provisions are due to come into force on 1 October 2023 but, until now, there has been a lack of detail on how exactly it is that the Government and the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) will put the new requirements into effect.

However, today (17 August 2023), the Government has published its response to the consultation on implementing the new building control regime for higher-risk buildings and wider changes to the building regulations for all buildings. This sets out how consultees have reacted to the Government's proposed new legislative framework and how the Government has adapted the new rules in response. Amongst the key issues covered are:

  • The new dutyholder roles and responsibilities;
  • The new gateway regime;
  • Management of the golden thread; and
  • Transitional provisions for higher-risk buildings.

It has also laid four sets of Regulations before Parliament:

Over the coming weeks, we will be providing more detailed information on what each of the above Regulations will mean for the industry. For now, however, it appears to be full speed ahead for 1 October 2023.

For further information on matters relating to the Building Safety Act please see our Building & Fire Safety Hub


Eric Johnstone

Legal Director

Louise Shiels

Head of Dispute Resolution and Risk & Partner

Amy Pairman

Senior Associate