JCT has recently expanded its standard form suites by the introduction of the new Contract Administration Model Forms to be used with the 2016 edition of its Standard Building Contracts, Design and Build Contract, and Intermediate Building Contract families. This release has followed on from an earlier launch in 2023 of the Contract Administration Model Forms for the JCT Home Owner and JCT Minor Works Building Contracts.

Contract Administrators play an important role in every project, the role itself has been in existence for a long time before it was formalised and introduced by JCT in the 1980's. Their role, of course, is to administer the contract between the employer and contractor. The intention of the newly released model forms is to assist and streamline the administration of the contract. The packs include a series of template forms which include, for example, adjustment of completion date, practical completion certificate, pay less notice and statement of retention. It's interesting to note that JCT is the first body to release standard Contract Administrator Forms to be used with their contracts, it remains to be seen if SBCC follows suit.

These forms may be a useful aid to Contract Administrators/Employer's Agents in ensuring that their notices comply with the relevant terms of the underlying contract, particularly given the consequences if for example a pay less notice does not contain the correct information. If you are considering use of the JCT 2016 Contract Administration Model Forms or require any advice in respect of JCT contracts more generally, please contact a member of our construction team.


Anna Reilly

Senior Solicitor

Caitlin Daly

Trainee Solicitor