Those of us in the Family Law Team at Brodies are conscious that the last 14 weeks have brought a whirlwind of changes – praying for sunshine even more than usual so that we don’t have to stand soaking in a garden or park just to talk to a human that is out with our household, franticly trying to find an available Tesco delivery slot, finding places to store our overflowing recycling pile until the tip re-opens (let’s not even mention how many wine bottles are in there!), single handedly keeping Domino’s Pizza afloat with all our Friday night takeaways because we cannot be bothered cooking again and, for those of us who are parents, cementing our desire never ever to become a teacher.

Whilst we remain busy advising clients through various platforms – Zoom, Skype, LoopUp, Webex and telephone calls – we thought it important to show that we too are human and we’re struggling with the same hurdles and bumps in the road as everyone else. Some of us have young children, some of us live alone, some of us are vulnerable, but all of us are adapting to our new way of working and living.

So we created the ‘Brodies’ Family Law COVID-19 Diaries’. Over the last few weeks, various members of our team have ‘written’ in the diary, providing a little insight into their lockdown life. Links to all of the entries can be found below – ranging from Executive Assistant to Partner, from our Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow offices. It’s worth remembering that we are all human, we all have wobbles, but most importantly, we’re all in this together. In our line of work, it’s particularly important to be compassionate, open and approachable to clients who we are often assisting in very worrying and uncertain times. We hope the Diaries will bring you some humour and reassure you that you are not alone.

Day One: Susie Mountain –

Day Two: Zoe Wray –

Day Three: Gwen McLeod –

Day Four: Kate Bradbury –

Day Five: Jen Wilkie –

Day Six: Stacey Duguid –

Day Seven: Sharon McReynolds –


Zoe Wray


Kate Bradbury


Gwen McLeod

Executive Assistant at Brodies LLP

Stacey Duguid

Executive Assistant at Brodies LLP

Sharon McReynolds

Executive Assistant at Brodies LLP