We take a look ahead at the key HR, employment and immigration issues for 2024 on our new Workbox page: 2024 HR to-do list.

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High on the HR agenda will be a review of:

  • Holiday pay systems, particularly in relation to irregular hours and part-year workers.
  • Flexible working policies and letters. The changes to the right to request flexible working include removing the 26-week qualifying period, requiring consultation before rejecting a request, and reducing the decision period from three to two months.
  • Harassment policies in advance of the new duty to 'take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment'.
  • The benefits and risks of using AI in the workplace, both to create content and make decisions about job applicants and staff.

Other things to look out for include:

  • Changes to the immigration rules, including an increase to the minimum salary threshold for Skilled Worker visas from £26,200 to £38,700 a year.
  • The introduction of a new right to one week's unpaid carer's leave.
  • The regulation of tips and service charges.
  • The introduction of a new right for some workers to request a more predictable working pattern.
  • The statutory code of practice on 'fire and rehire'.

Tony Hadden
talks through key points from our annual list to help those working in HR plan their year ahead.

Tony Hadden, Head of Employment & Partner

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Tony Hadden

Head of Employment & Partner

Julie Keir

Practice Development Lawyer