It is well known that cyber attacks can result in financial losses, business interruption and reputational damage. But do you understand the physical threat to life that can be created by hackers? Are cyber attacks routinely considered as part of your health and safety risk assessments?

In this webinar, the Brodies’ Health and Safety team and cyber security specialists from Nortal and Pentest looked at the physical safety risks which can be created by attacks on your digital and operational infrastructure. The session focused on three hypothetical cyber attacks in the transport, energy, and manufacturing sectors. Our group of experts discussed:

  • how hackers would go about setting up and carrying out the attack, and the techniques they would employ to breach your existing security measures;
  • what the legal duties and issues are from a health & safety perspective, and in particular what the law expects in terms of management of cyber risk in relation to physical safety; and
  • the proactive steps that can be taken to guard against the risk of attacks and to manage them when they do occur.


Craig Kennedy

Head of Cyber Risk at Nortal

Steve Mann

Senior Account Manager at Pentest Limited