The Brexit transition period will end at 11pm GMT on 31 December 2020, yet many businesses remain unsure what they need to do to be ready. UK and EU agreement on a trade deal would provide greater certainty on some issues, but there will be many important changes to navigate regardless of the terms of any deal. Businesses (and other organisations) should therefore make sure they understand the key issues that will arise at the end of transition, and consider what they can do to prepare.

To assist with this process, we have updated our checklist of key questions businesses should be asking themselves. If you have a plan for the end of transition you can test it against our checklist. If you are still holding off from forming a plan, or think you will be unaffected, use the checklist to ensure you identify and consider all the key issues.

The checklist is hosted on our Brexit Hub, which brings together the many briefings and updates we have produced on Brexit-related issues since the 2016 referendum. You will find information there covering multiple sectors and areas of interest.

Our cross-departmental Brexit Advisory Group will be happy to help you with any of the issues raised in our checklist, or any other Brexit-related questions you might have. Please contact one of our Group heads, Christine O’Neill or Charles Livingstone.