Two of our first year trainees, Rebecca Muir and Robin Mackintosh, share their top 5 tips for completing the Brodies traineeship application form.

1. Be organised

Set aside time to complete your application and don't try to complete it in one go. It's much more manageable to spend 45 minutes every couple of days completing sections of the form than to rush it the night before in a single sitting.

2. Look at the competencies on the Brodies website

When filling out your application, keep in mind the six competencies that Brodies trainees are measured against. This should give you an idea of exactly what Brodies is looking for from you as a candidate - frame your answers to demonstrate these competencies.

The competencies are:

  • Conduct and communication skills;
  • Teamwork and adaptability;
  • Self-motivated and driven;
  • Prepared, organised and able to prioritise effectively;
  • Interpersonal skills; and
  • Commercial and profit focused.

Good application answers might also demonstrate how you have developed as a person, whether they discuss academic or extra-curricular activities, work, or any challenges or successes.

3. Do your research

Your application will be stronger if you can demonstrate an understanding of the Brodies business model and our position within the Scottish legal market. Brodies' results speak for themselves and the firm has been a success story within a market that has undergone significant change over the last decade.

Our website is a great starting point for your research. Financial statements and annual reviews are also a good resource, and keep up to date with legal news to understand more about the evolving market.

If you can demonstrate that you have thought about, and have an opinion on, Brodies' success, your application will show the commercial drive every future trainee needs.

4. Let your personality shine through - be interesting!

It's really important to remember that your application will be read alongside hundreds of others. You should try to make yours stand out by thinking about the things that make you different from all the other law students applying. Can you play the flute? Are you a keen sailor? Do you help out on a local farm? Have you tried your hand at stand-up comedy before? These are all things that current trainees included in their application! Mentioning unique attributes like these will not only give Brodies a great insight into your personality, but will also allow you to highlight skills such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving.

5. Be yourself

You should be chosen on the basis of who you are, rather than who you say you are. Consider your strengths and what you want to work on, and be honest in your answers - it will make a far more effective impression. Remember, there is no such thing as a typical Brodies' trainee or employee, the firm looks for individuals from all backgrounds with talent and potential.

From both of us, good luck!

The closing date for traineeship applications is 30 September 2018. For more information and to apply for a traineeship, please visit the Traineeship section of our website.