As this year's summer placement comes to an end, we asked students Steven Pears and Casey Wilson to reflect on their time here.

Tell us about your summer placement

Casey: I'm working in the Glasgow banking team for the duration of my summer placement. I've had many opportunities to get involved including attending client calls and team meetings, and I've worked with people at all levels from trainee to partner. Attending learning breakfasts has given great insight into other practice areas and the opportunity to make new connections. I've also been tasked with conducting research and preparing a presentation for the team which has kept me busy. Everyone is very welcoming and makes you feel part of the firm. I've really enjoyed my time so far and I'm looking forward to the remainder of the placement.

Steven: My placement is in real estate, based in the Aberdeen office. It's been a great introduction to the practical side of the law through getting involved in live transactions and doing training tasks to improve my knowledge and understanding of property law. The work has been a great mix of commercial and rural real estate which let me see the range of work that can be conducted by real estate lawyers .

What is it about a career in law that interests you?

Casey: The varied fast-paced nature of a career in law is what interests me. I think I would enjoy the fact that no day is the same. The variety within the legal world is so interesting and there are so many opportunities to develop your skills.

Steven: As a lawyer the work can vary from large scale, complex transactions to smaller, individual client work, It is done d as a team to produce a tangible end result .

Why did you apply for a Brodies summer placement?

Casey: Brodies is a firm that was always on my radar and the first firm I was exposed to when I started considering a career in law. After doing research, I realised the firm's values are suited to me and there was a real emphasis on the firm's culture. Brodies' dedication to social mobility and being a founding member of the PRIME initiative were also attractive to me, it was refreshing to see that the firm is committed to making the legal sector more diverse. I also applied to Brodies as the firm covers multiple sectors and practice areas, I knew I would get quality experience.

Steven: I got to know the firm well through my Brodies mentorship , something I got into through the University of Aberdeen commercial law society. This let me see how the firm operates and the work and life of a trainee at Brodies. I realised it was a firm that had a strong presence within Scotland but also a supportive and friendly culture.

Name one thing you've learned from this experience that you didn't know before.

Casey: What banking is as a practice area and the type of legal work that is carried out in this sector.

Steven: How the practical side of law is completely different to the theoretical side you learn at university. Most of the things I learned at university is only a small part of what is used in practice.

What skill do you think is important for a lawyer, which can't be learned from a book?

Casey: People skills. Your ability to network and communicate with people is just as important as being good at applying the law.

Steven: I would say confidence. Half the battle of applying for vacation schemes and completing interviews is being confident in yourself and your abilities. If you can be confident in yourself at this stage I believe it will really benefit you when become a lawyer.

Top tips for others interested in doing a summer placement

Casey: Get involved and put yourself out there. Speak to colleagues and ask questions. Everyone I have met has been extremely welcoming and have made me feel valued. They are always happy to help! Get to know your fellow summer placement students as it is a great way to gain support and there is really a collegiate atmosphere – they are not your competition.

For the recruitment process - stay calm and just be yourself, your personality will shine through!

Steven: Do not forget your password for your work laptop… IT will have to spend ages trying to get back into the laptop and it means you can't get on with any of the interesting work.

Keep an eye out for our summer placement applications opening in the Autumn. 


Steven Pears

Summer Placement Student

Casey Wilson

Summer Placement Student