With 2019 just beginning, I've been reflecting on the past year and all that I have achieved. When I completed my Brodies' summer placement application at the end of 2017, little did I realise it would result in me being offered a traineeship with the firm in 2020. I feel incredibly proud and lucky to have achieved this.

My hopes of securing a traineeship with Brodies, however, did not begin during my summer placement, but instead during a week's work placement with PRIME at Brodies' Edinburgh office in 2014. PRIME is a UK-wide project that improves access to the legal profession through work experience, and offers an opportunity for secondary students to gain experience of life at a law firm.

Throughout the week-long experience, I took part in workshops with various departments in the firm, including employment and family law. This confirmed for me that law was definitely my chosen career path. Moreover, gaining legal experience is something that universities consider on UCAS applications; the opportunity with PRIME was an invaluable experience to add to my application.

One of the most valuable aspects of PRIME for me was the opportunity to chat with trainees about their experience with Brodies and university. As someone who was the first to go to university in my family, this was incredibly useful. Furthermore, I found out how the trainee recruitment process worked, and details of the opportunities Brodies offered to gain experience; most importantly the firm's summer placements.

During summer 2018, I secured one of these summer placements, in Brodies' property litigation department. Having taken part in PRIME I was aware of the qualities, values and ethos of Brodies, and I knew that this was somewhere that I would love to start my career. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer placement; the responsibility and work that I was given exceeded my expectations and allowed me to put into practice what I had been learning at university. My tasks included drafting client letters and shadowing trainees in court, and I was also given the chance to speak with new PRIME students who were taking part in the scheme. This was a lovely experience for me, as I was able to reflect and give advice based on my own experience. The summer placement confirmed for me that Brodies was the firm that I wanted to work for, and really enhanced my interest in law.

I am incredibly grateful that, at the beginning of my career path in law, I was able to gain experience with such an incredible firm. Comparing where I started during that PRIME week to where I am now, having completed a summer placement and secured a traineeship, I feel proud to have experienced such a challenging and exciting journey. Brodies has played a vital and influential role, and I thoroughly look forward to continuing that journey with the firm as a trainee in 2020.

Brodies is a founding member of PRIME.


Lucy Rice

A future Brodies Trainee