I generally get into the office early. I like to get my day organised as much as possible and this is easiest when the office is quiet. A large part of my day is unpredictable, but that’s what keeps my role interesting. It all depends on the calls and emails we receive on the I+T helpdesk, so each day is different and varied.

I check my emails and a few systems first thing, like the Blackberry server to make sure nothing has gone wrong overnight. I then check the I+T helpdesk to see if anything urgent has come in that needs dealt with straight away. Our job in I+T is to make sure that everyone else in the firm can do their jobs using the technology that we've provided. If someone can’t work because of an IT issue, then this is a top priority to get fixed.

Generally, the first couple of hours of my day are concentrated on the helpdesk. If colleagues are going to have a problem it's most likely to be first thing in the morning - their account might be locked, or they might have a problem with their laptop. Once the morning rush calms down, I get a chance to work on the other ongoing projects I’m involved with. This often involves meetings with external engineers to discuss issues with a system or working on a more complex issue that a colleague might have encountered.

After lunch the helpdesk usually gets a bit busier so I'll help out with that or if any of my colleagues need advice about anything, I will try my best to help them out.

One of the good things about being in I+T is that you speak to many people from across the firm at all levels so you can build up good relationships. When someone has an IT problem it’s often quite a stressful time for them so if you have a good relationship it makes the situation far easier to deal with.

We are currently settling into our lovely new office in Capital Square so I might take the opportunity to go for a walk around the office and make sure everyone is happy and doesn’t have any problems with any of the new IT equipment. The new office is really fantastic and is such a giant leap forward in terms of technology.

As the afternoon progresses, I will check the helpdesk to make sure it's not too busy and will again help if needed.

And so, another day in I+T comes to a close. I will go home, rest, and be ready to go again tomorrow.


David McCredie

Senior Support Supervisor