To celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2023, Ciara Hoisington-Murray tells us about her experience so far as an apprentice, working in marketing and events at Brodies: 

Tell us about your apprenticeship

    My apprenticeship is with the digital marketing team and covers a wide range of topics from SEO and keywords to understanding legal, regulatory, and ethical requirements a business needs to follow. It is a mix between work and completing modules that are part of the apprenticeship. The apprenticeship appealed to me as I wanted to gain more experience in marketing and events, so this meant I was able to learn on the job and achieve a qualification while doing it.

    What does your role involve?

      My main role is to run the webinar and seminar programme at Brodies. My day to day involves scheduling these sessions, drafting digital invitations, reminder mailings and follow up email campaigns on our CRM system, and recording data about the sessions.

      I am currently working on our Enlightened Thinking brochure. This brochure includes our upcoming spring/summer webinars and seminars so that clients and contact can sign up easily and see what sessions are offered for their interests.

      What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

        An apprenticeship can be the best of both worlds. I can learn about my role in a practical sense day to day, while also researching its theoretical aspects which means that I have developed a well-rounded approach to the job.

        Is it what you thought it would be?

          Yes and no. I didn't realise how diverse the apprenticeship would be. It's meant I've been able to learn about different topics that may not be to do with my job right now, but I may be able to use more in the future.

          Do you have any advice to someone considering the apprenticeship route?

            Go for it! It’s a great way to learn a new skill and experience in a job role. I've loved every minute of the apprenticeship so far.

            Watch here as Ciara gives us an insight into what a day in a life at Brodies looks like.

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            Ciara Hoisington-Murray

            Marketing & Events Administrator