Career Ready student, Sergiusz Jezewski tell us what he got up to during his four-week work experience placement with the marketing team.

"On my first week I was set up with all the IT equipment and training that I would need for my work experience. I was then introduced to all the colleagues I would be working with in Real Estate. The first week was mainly just a soft introduction to Brodies, and what it is like to work in a law firm.

Week two is where the work started! I was originally placed in the Real Estate team working with some of the lawyers on admin type tasks when I mentioned that my interests are in marketing. I let my mentor know that I was interested in marketing and that ran my own social media marketing agency and within a day I was introduced to the marketing team. I then spent the rest of my work experience working on marketing and social media projects.

I had a task to create content for the Brodies Instagram and do some general research on what other firms are doing on their social media. I created a 'day in life' reel of a Career Ready student for social media which involved taking photos and videos around the office and editing it all together. It was great being put in charge of a project and working with the marketing team to discuss further steps. On my final week at Brodies, I worked with Jack, the multimedia designer in marketing team on a bigger project for the Brodies website. This task involved filming the other Career Ready students (including myself) and their mentor's talking about their own Career Ready experience.

My experience of working at Brodies has honestly been great. From the environment itself, I was working within their new Edinburgh office, to the colleagues I was sitting beside and working with. If you ever the opportunity to take part in an initiative like Career Ready, I would 100% go for it. I've learnt so many skills along the way and the networking will benefit me in the future. "

Serg, shows us what a day in the life at Brodies looks like, watch here. 


Sergiusz Jezewski

Career Ready student