Tobi Olubajo recently joined us from Black Professionals Scotland (BPS) as part of the #BlackScotsInterns programme. He shares an insight into his six-week placement in business services.

"I've had an exciting, fun-filled 24 days at Brodies, from the onboarding, learning, supportive colleagues, good work culture, early morning coffee, and mentorship, to the beautiful office at Capital Square with a breath-taking view of Edinburgh Castle.

"It has been an amazing experience, from my interview with Matt Edwards, people engagement and Amina Jamil, chair of the multicultural network to the opportunity to learn from different teams across the firm and gain a broader understanding of how it operates.

"All colleagues are willing to help and ready to hold your hand to learn with smiles on their faces. I spent my first two weeks with finance, and I must say Veronica Trench is an amazing leader and a go-to person. She gave me the opportunity to learn quite a lot within a short period of time. I also met with Joan Wallace and Greg Bowie who gave me the task of analysing top 50 UK law firms and reviewing various business models to proffer solutions on how to improve the current business model, which I found very interesting.

"I discovered a new love for tech when I had the opportunity to spend another two weeks with IT and learn from Joe Sparshatt, David McCredie and Kevin Sharp. Creating five forms from scratch and learning the process and tools to build them gave me a different perception of tech - you don’t have to code your way through. The experience propelled me into registering for a course on Udemy. So, don’t be surprised if I join the tech industry.

"The final two weeks of my internship was in marketing. It was a fun ride with loads of tasks to get involved with including creating a social media reel and analysing various digital and social media reports. It's interesting to see the work that goes into making sure that online content reaches the right audiences and stands out.

"I've had a wonderful six weeks of learning new things, meeting wonderful people, having an ice lolly on a sunny day, enjoying the castle view from the balcony at lunch time while catching up with colleagues; it has been a good experience to be part of the Brodies family."


Tobi Olubajo

Black Professionals Scotland Student