Summer placement student Mure Grant, answers some questions about his experience at Brodies.

  • What is it about a career in law that interests you?

The relevance of the law to everyone’s day-to-day lives - whether someone is buying a house, writing a will or is renting out farmland, a lawyer is needed. I imagine that positively impacting people's lives would bring a huge sense of reward and fulfilment.

  • Why did you apply for a Brodies summer placement?

After reading blogs from previous summer students, it was clear to me that a summer placement with the firm is a hands-on and collaborative experience, you are given a deep insight into the legal workings that are involved within your practice area. This offers an opportunity to see first-hand the theory that you have been taught at university being applied in practice. The firm assigns you a mentor too, which also encouraged me to apply. This gives you the support in order to get the best out of your placement.

  • Favourite breakfast session so far?

The most enjoyable learning breakfast so far has been one from the energy team. Finding out about the diverse expertise that is required within this area which spans both oil & gas and renewables was a fascinating insight into the functioning of this sector. What made this breakfast session stand out was learning that the firm had also played a direct role in the Orbital Marine Tidal Turbine project, which coincidentally, was the most viewed video on the BBC News app the morning after its successful launch off the Orkney coast.

  • Name one thing you've learned from this experience that you didn't know before.

The significance of a ‘testing clause’ within a disposition appearing in conjunction with the preceding text. This provided a great insight into the practicalities associated with drafting deeds, which I will now hopefully retain and deploy when I come to do my conveyancing module at university.

  • What skill do you think is important for a lawyer, which can't be learned from a book?

Textbooks are invaluable throughout your undergraduate studies, unfortunately they cannot teach you good interpersonal skills. Such skills are hugely important for any lawyer, as communicating effectively with colleagues and clients is important in cementing strong working relationships.

  • Top tips for others interested in doing a summer placement

Try and relax! Don't get too nervous when starting your placement as you're more likely to enjoy and get the best out of your time. I would also encourage keeping a dialogue with your mentor and buddy throughout. Everyone here is willing to help to make sure that you optimise your time. Honestly, no question is ever too silly to be asked!


Mure Grant

Summer placement student