I'm currently in my third year at Glasgow Caledonian University working towards my LLB. Life as a law student can be stressful and it can be hard to imagine what life as a lawyer will be like. I've been lucky enough to have gained work experience with Brodies, which has given me some insight.

High school – and now at uni

My connection with Brodies started when I was at high school. In my final year, I completed a one-week placement with the firm. At first, I was extremely nervous, not knowing what to expect. My nerves were quickly settled though by those I worked with, who treated me as an equal. I completed work with the non-contentious construction team in the Glasgow office. It was so interesting, and I was given the opportunity to review several contracts and create information packs. This area of law is one I'd consider specialising in. After completing the placement, I received great feedback and kept in touch with Rachael (my mentor), who has supported me throughout my studies and helped facilitate my current placement with the firm.

This semester at university, I have taken a module where I must complete 100 hours of legal experience. When I found out about this, my first thought was to reach out to see if Brodies would have me back.

I'm now completing a weekly placement in conjunction with the module. My placement is within litigation where I've worked from home and in the Glasgow office. There is a comfortable working environment provided by Brodies that sets it apart from other firms. There's a sense of community that is very welcoming and although I last worked at Brodies in 2019, it feels as if no time has passed at all.

Placement work – what's involved

The first day of placement was online and involved mostly IT training as well as getting to know the other students.

As a law student, I'm well placed to carry out legal research. Currently I'm working on preparing skeletal defences in response to craves from the pursuer contained within an initial writ. I've found this to be a challenging and thought-provoking task as you need to keep in mind the client's best interests and dissect the information. Doing tasks like this helps develop my skills before starting my diploma in legal practice. I've also observed virtual proceedings in the sheriff court. It was great to see how they have been working during the pandemic.

Throughout my time at Brodies, I've developed my legal skills and gained invaluable experience, furthering my legal expertise. This summer I join the insurance and risk team for a four-week summer placement, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Rachael Jane Ruth, senior solicitor and mentor to Erin- "I’ve been mentoring Erin since spring 2019. We have a lot in common, which makes the mentoring relationship very easy, being from the same town where there are few law firms and opportunities to gain legal experience. It’s important to me to support young female lawyers in their careers. Now she’s in university, Erin can provide valuable research assistance and support during her work placement under my supervision. I look forward to welcoming her back for her formal summer placement later this year."

Applications for summer placements at Brodies typically open in autumn, and traineeships in summer. 


Erin Watson

Work Experience Student