Christine O'Neill KC

Chair & Partner

Brian Campbell

Legal Director

Episode overview:

In this series of podcasts by Brodies' Advocacy we look at some common – and sometimes controversial – issues that arise for clients and lawyers who are involved in disputes before the courts and tribunals and how those can be managed. In this first episode in the series we ask "What do I do if…I think our judge is biased?"

Brodies' advocacy specialists Christine O'Neill KC and Brian Campbell (who as a part-time Employment Judge sees this issue through a number of different lenses) explain the law relating to bias and the practical issues that need to be navigated if an objection based on bias is to be taken and is to succeed.

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You can also read our accompanying blog on "What do I do if…I think our judge is biased?"

David Lee, Podcast host

David Lee hosts the 'What do I do if..? podcast. David is an experienced journalist, writer and broadcaster and he is also the host of 'The Case Files' podcast by Brodies.

David Lee, Podcast host]