Laura McMillan

Partner & Director of Advocacy

David Ford

Associate & Solicitor Advocate

Episode overview:

In this series of podcasts by Brodies' Advocacy we look at some common – and sometimes controversial – issues that arise for clients and lawyers who are involved in disputes before the courts and tribunals and how those can be managed. In today's episode Laura McMillan and David Ford answer the question 'What do I do if…someone else has the evidence I need?'

Alongside host, David Lee, they discuss how evidence is collected ahead of a trial or proof, and what happens when a lawyer is refused access to documents or materials they need for their case.

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David Lee, Podcast host

David Lee hosts the 'What do I do if..? podcast. David is an experienced journalist, writer and broadcaster and he is also the host of 'The Case Files' podcast by Brodies.

David Lee, Podcast host]