Welcome to Breakfast with Brodies - a Virtual seminar programme for NQs

At Brodies, we are determined that COVID-19 shouldn't mean that it is more difficult for you to find quality learning opportunities and to connect with your peers regardless of which firm you are connected to. So we created a programme that is both educational and engaging and which really exudes Brodies' values of courage, character, care, collaborative and collegiate.

We have pulled together a selection of 12 seminars into our Breakfast with Brodies programme, each of which will be delivered via Zoom and will last between 30 and 60 minutes. We have carefully chosen a wide range of topics and speakers and hope that you will find something of interest. However, the seminars are very much for you so we look forward to hearing your feedback and your suggestions for future sessions.

Kirstie Maclennan

HR Director



Friday 29 May: Expectations from a General Counsel - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Joyce Cullen, Partner & guest Donald Mcdonald , General Counsel, Personal Banking & Services at RBS Legal, Governance and Regulatory Affairs

Join us for an informative session in which Joyce Cullen, an experienced Brodies litigator and relationship partner, will interview Donald Macdonald, General Counsel, Personal Banking & Services at RBS Legal, Governance and Regulatory Affairs. They will explore a variety of topics and issues including:

  • Maintaining service delivery standards during COVID-19

  • Changing expectations relating to communication channels

  • Heightened security requirements

  • Increased use of technology in the delivery of legal services

  • Opportunities and challenges for young lawyers


Friday 5 June: Relocation, relocation relocation – an introduction to contentious child migration - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Garry Sturrock, Associate

  • Methods of resolving relocation disputes and important factors for parents to consider
  • Evidential considerations for litigation, including the views of the child
  • The approaches of the courts in Scotland and England/Wales


Friday 12 June: Changing dynamics of the high street - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Elaine Petterson, Partner & Jennifer Guy, Associate

  • The challenges faced by high street retailers 
  • The effect which tenant insolvency has on a landlord
  • How the impact of COVID-19 may shape the retail sector post-lockdown


Friday 19 June: Health and safety law and Covid-19: the questions for health and safety lawyers - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Victoria Anderson, Senior Associate

  • How does the COVID-19 legislation impact health and safety law for employers?
  • Real legal issues that have arisen as a result of social distancing measures
  • Looking at the wider impact of COVID-19 for insurance litigation lawyers: what does the future hold?


Wednesday 24 June: Electronic signatures – what they are and when they can be used in Scotland and England? - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Fiona Beal, In-house Counsel

  • Be aware of what e-signatures are, the different types and the significance of those under both Scots and English law
  • Understand where e-signatures are possible and appropriate to use both by solicitors and by clients and counterparties
  • Be aware of the key differences between English and Scots law as regards signing documents electronically


Thursday 2 July: Corporate governance – what it is and why it matters to clients - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Emma Greville Williams , Practice Development Lawyer

  • What we mean by 'corporate governance'
  • Why corporate governance matters to companies
  • Corporate governance reporting, with a focus on the directors' 'section 172 statement' and climate change reporting


Friday 10 July: English v Scots law: issues for banking lawyers - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Craig Henry, Solicitor

  • A-Z of differences in legal terminology
  • Some differences between Scots and English law relevant to Banking practice
  • Wet ink and electronic signing under Scots and English law


Friday 17 July: An introduction to land & rural business - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Karren Smith, Partner and Kate McLeish, Partner

  • An understanding of the different types of work undertaken in land and rural business
  • An introduction to the issues arising when dealing with the sale of part of a larger property, in particular the drafting of servitudes and real burdens and an introduction to the concept of overage


Friday 24 July: Construction law: the basics - 9.00am (45 mins) 

Presented by Sarah McConnell and Jane McMonagle

  • A general overview of the construction industry
  • An overview of all the different standard industry contracts
  • Coverage of the core legal documents involved in any construction project


Friday 31 July: Key points to consider in a contract negotiation post COVID-19 - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Andy Nolan, Partner

  • An overview of the key matters our clients are instructing us on during the pandemic, including force majeure and frustration
  • A discussion on how those hot topics will change the way we draft and negotiate contracts going forward
  • A review of why we may rescope current agreements to keep the supply chain moving


Friday 7 August: The Virtual Witness Box – An Introduction to taking Evidence from a Witness in Court - 9.00am (45 mins)

Presented by Laura McMillan, Partner

  • Top tips for preparing questions
  • Dos and don'ts for examination-in-chief and cross-examination
  • Pitfalls to avoid (from those who have been there…)