The way we work means that I can have a positive impact on those around me while being immersed in the constantly evolving world of information and technology.

Precious Okougha, IT Support Analyst

Morning routine

  • Walk into work and greet colleagues on arrival
  • Check if any high-priority tasks, need to be actioned from the night before
  • Check monitors and docking stations in the office to make sure everything is working for my colleagues

Afternoon routine

  • Have lunch then go out for a walk
  • Check if there are any meetings/events that require IT support
  • Pick up IT Helpdesk tickets and reach out to colleagues to help resolve issues

Evening routine

  • Walk home
  • Prepare dinner
  • Plan for the next day
  • Do a few exercises and go for an evening walk by the riverside
  • Read a book to unwind

Why did you choose to work in IT?

I started out my career in the Electrical/Electronic Engineering field but transferred within my previous firm to the IT team and I liked it more! I'm passionate about helping people. And providing a swift and effective solution to people's problems via IT is one way of lending a helping hand.

Which of Brodies' five values resonates with you most and how do you incorporate it into your daily role?

Care, because I'm passionate about learning IT is a field which lends itself to continuous development. I also love having a positive impact on those around me.

Apart from the necessary skills and knowledge, what other quality is essential for the role you perform?

  • Emotional intelligence: the ability to respond to your colleague's needs - what they want and being able to read their cues on the way they want to be treated/communicated. 
  • Good communication.
  • Advanced critical thinking.
  • Time management.

What's your top tip for someone keen to pursue a similar career?

  • Mental resilience - if you think you can do something, you can achieve it - you just need to have that positive mindset.
  • Do what you love - sometimes it's tough learning new skills but if you love it, you will definitely find a way! 
  • Ask questions - you cannot figure it all out on your own. Ask questions very often. A mentor can be really useful.
  • Be consistent - IT is a broad field, figure out what you enjoy doing the most and stay on that track. 

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