In The Case Files we look back at notable court cases over the last 150 years - and discover how Brodies lawyers through the ages have played their part in key legal moments over that time.

In each episode, we talk to Brodies' modern-day legal experts to discover how their predecessors helped shape the way the law is applied today.

In this episode, host David Lee is joined by Laura McMillan and Christine O'Neill KC from Brodies Advocacy team to look at a more recent - and controversial - case from 2012 that changed the landscape on asbestos related claims for personal injury in Scotland, with lasting implications for the insurance industry, while also having a significant impact on constitutional and administrative law in Scotland.

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You can also read Kirstyn Burke and Ellen Andrew's accompanying insight article: The Case Files: AXA, Asbestos and Administrative Law


Christine O'Neill KC

Chair & Partner

Laura McMillan

Partner & Director of Advocacy