On World Cancer Day 2019, my thoughts are with those who have faced cancer, and their loved ones.

I am proud that Brodies has chosen Maggie's as our official charity partner until 2020.

The firm has raised more than £167,370 over the past eight years for Maggie's Centres throughout the UK. Later this month, five intrepid team members will be completing a trek in the Arctic Circle to raise funds for Maggie's.

Brodies' services

Cancer is never expected, nor welcome. Even talking about the "c" word, makes many people feel uncomfortable.

When we are fit and well it can be tempting to procrastinate about putting our legal affairs in order. However, if you are diagnosed with cancer, having a valid will and power of attorney that are reflective of your wishes can provide peace of mind.

Powers of attorney

Granting a power of attorney gives your appointed attorney certain powers to act for you.

Your "continuing" attorney can act on your behalf in your financial and property matters (only with your consent, provided you have capacity). Having a trusted person authorised to act on your behalf in this way can be immensely useful, particularly if your attention must be diverted to an ongoing treatment plan.

Your "welfare" attorney would only be authorised to make decisions about your care in the event that you lost capacity.

Click here to read more about the different types of power attorney, and the importance of putting a power of attorney in place. Powers of attorney cannot be granted by a person who has lost capacity. Further information about our incapacity planning services can be found here.


Do you know how your estate would be distributed if you died without a will? Having a valid will in place can guard against a potentially unintended outcome for the succession of your estate. You can read more about the consequences of dying without a will here.

We recommend that our clients review their will every five years, or after any significant change of circumstances. Wills can be an ideal instrument to implement tax and succession planning wishes. The Personal & Family team also offer a range of other estate planning services, including trusts and family limited partnerships, to help clients mitigate their inheritance tax exposure.

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Brodies' Personal & Family team have extensive experience in advising clients whose lives have been touched by illness, including cancer. We would be delighted to assist with both lifetime planning and executry administration.